We are a family that has been in and around the global fish and seafood industry for many years in Africa, South America and United States. From fishing the sea to fish farming to wholesale to retail, We are a team with great knowledge about the industry inside and out. If there is one thing this group knows- is how to source and acquire the best fish on the market for a great price.  Given the growing concerns in the industry regarding sourcing and business practice, FMoM uses its expertise to ensure, getting the best product from reputable sources!

Why are we a wholesaler now? After meeting many groceries and restaurants' owners, we realized the struggle it can be locating a quality product, and since we already have an extensive contact list in the industry, we figured we would put it to use. One customer lead to another who then lead us to another and so on. Our business has survived strictly through word of mouth and without so much as a website until now. 

Our Mission is to enjoy business, meet new people, and help them to get premium seafood products! As a provider of seafood, we want to offer the best quality of service and products.

Our Vision is to make a company with a name that people can relay because of our excellent way to work, they can trust we are getting the best for their table, the place where the family enjoys being together at the end of the day, having a wonderful seafood dinner. 





Sourcing carefully, supporting environmentally responsible for both Wild Caught and Farm-Raised industries is our way of guaranteeing sustainable and responsible seafood delivered to our customers. We focus on Marine Stewardship Council certified industries, and Monterrey Bay Aquarium: Seafood Watch Program https://www.seafoodwatch.org to guide us when sourcing. We carefully research fishing practices, fisheries management and laws governing the countries and industries we source from. The gold standard for responsible and sustainable farm-raised seafood is the Global Aquaculture Alliance. Fishmongers of Michigan believe in GAA's mission and primary sources from facilities with GAA certification. 


Fishmongers of Michigan 

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