Fishmongers of Michigan is a company majority-owned by Zully Vielma, who joined Louis in 2017 to create what the company is now a great family, Louis has been around the global fish and seafood industry for many years. Working with different farms all over the world; including Africa, South America, and the United States, working with seafood fishing and farming all the way to wholesale or retail. Zully originally from Venezuela has the taste of seafood from the Caribbean. And as she says: “You only can sell seafood if you love seafood, there is not another way”. They work as a team with great knowledge about the industry, inside and out. If there is one thing this group knows, it is how to source and acquire the best fish on the market for the best price.  Given the growing concerns in the industry regarding sourcing and business practice, FMoM uses its expertise to ensure we are getting the best product from reputable, responsible, and sustainable sources!

The business started as a fun way to meet people and growth something remarkable for the family, that is why after meeting many groceries and restaurants' owners, we realized the struggle it can be to locate a quality product. Since we already have an extensive contact list in the industry, we figured we would put it to good use. One customer leads to another who then leads us to another and so on. Our business has survived strictly through word of mouth and without so much as a website, until a few years ago. FMoM team is ready to offer be part of their big family because business is not only about money it is also about meeting people and making people happy with good-quality & tasty food on their tables.


Our Mission is to enjoy business, meet new people, and help them source premium seafood products!

As a provider of seafood, we want to offer the best quality of service and products. 


Our Vision is to make a company with a name that people can rely on. Due to how we pursue excellence standards we have built and continue to build a list of clients that trust us to deliver the best customer service around. We strive to bring the best product to your customer's tables whether it be at home or in a restaurant.