Fresh Seafood 

Fresh seafood from sea or lakes to your table 

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Salmon Fillets (3-5 Lbs/ fillet)

(Portions  +1.50/ #) 

Ireland Organic Salmon 

North Sea Scottish Salmon 

Canadian Atlantic

Chilean Atlantic


Marker Swordfish Center cut loin 

Fillet Skin off

Pacific Ocean 

ALaskan Hallibut 

4-6 Lbs Fillet

Pacific Ocean 

Lake Fish 


Fresh Water Great Lakes 

Whitefish fillets Skin on 

Yellow Perch, Lake Smelt, Walleye

2 Lbs Minimum Order.

Rainbow Trout Fillets  Skin on

Farm Raised 

5 Lbs Minimun Order

Mahi Mahi

Wild Caught South America 

Mahi Mahi - Dorado 

Fillet Skin on  5-7 Lbs fillet

Rainbow Trout

Oyster on the Shell 50 / bag

Scallpos U/10 Dry  

Scallops 20-30 Dry 

More Atlantic

Ocean & Lake Fish Fish

Icelandic Cod 

East Coast Cod 


Spanish Mackarel 

Oyster/ Scallpos


Catfish fillets skin of 

USA production 

5 Lbs Min.


Yellowfin Ahi Tuna 

Hand cut sushi grade 

Fishmongers of Michigan 

1200 Judd Ave. SW,  Grand Rapids, 

 Michigan 49509

*No customer storefront*